Maebeth Grassini Hill

Artist, teacher, creative. 

Art is my visual language. I have been “making art” for as long as I can remember and am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given as I continue my artistic journey. I work intuitively, enjoying the surface texture generated from collaging various images together while applying paint, graphite and other media. As I create my artwork, I am influenced by the surface texture and the layers that emerge in my works on paper. I  investigate dimensional illusion, movement and space in my paintings. As a practicing yogi, the relationship of body, mind and spirit is a common thread in my work. The subject and idea in my work has an ethereal quality to it as I invite the muse and angels to advise me in my art making. The content of my work is dependent on what is going on in my microcosmic world or the larger universe. It is my hope to evoke an emotional response from those who view my work. I am grateful to all the teachers in my life for their support and guidance in my journey. 

My work is exhibited in both public and private collections.