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Maebeth Grassini Hill

Artist, Educator, Creative


Art is my visual language. I have been “making art” for as long as I can remember and am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given as I continue my artistic journey. I work intuitively, enjoying the surface texture generated from collaging various images together while applying paint, graphite and other media. I am also a ceramic artist and love working with clay. As explore these  different mediums I find that pattern and texture on any surface is what intrigues me.  It is my hope to evoke an emotional response from those who view my work.

I have had many careers in the visual arts and have worked as a  graphic designer, photography and art instructor, educator and advocate for visual art with the Arts and Science Council and taught High School students with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for 18 years. I am amazed at how the art scene in Charlotte has grown and evolved during the years I have lived in this thriving city.

I am grateful to all the teachers in my life for their support and guidance in my journey. 

My work is exhibited in both public and private collections. 

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